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About Mystery Shopping

Hystory of mystery shopping


Mystery shopping arised in USA in 1940 as a shop assistants’ honesty check - offered discount validity, price conformity, accuracy of signed documents.

In 70s in Europe and in USA Mystery Shopping was adapted to domestic in consumer electronic sector. In 70th appeared absolutely new in essence good, which required shop assistants with special knowledge about technical features. Program was directed to evaluation of color television presentation and detected shop assistants’ gaps in their knowledge.

Now Mystery shopping got a wide popularity in modern world and Latvia. Hundreds thousands of people are employed in the Mystery shopping industry, just only in USA yearly turnover is 500-700 millions of dollars.



Advantages of mystery shopping


  • Possibility of recognizing customer’s opinion - unique evaluation and detailed comments;
  • Cost-effective method for monitoring customer service in your enterprise;
  • Rise in service givers’ motivation – each customer could be a mystery shopper;
  • Provide coaching material and evaluate training efforts;
  • Helps to increase customers’ loyalty and attract new customers;
  • Increase your sales.