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About us

Service Quality Development company specializes in Mystery Shopping, giving objective and detached evaluation of customer service, abidance by standards, staff attitude, work and etc.

Service Quality Development also offers a wide range of additional products for improvement of our potential clients' service quality in all Baltic region.

Why us?

  • The best prices;
  • We work in all Baltic countries;
  • We outsource mystery shoppers, who correspond to your real client's profile;
  • We use in work professional mystery shopping software;
  • Unique consulting - we are evaluating your employees' customer service and sales skills. Moreover, we can help your company to develop them;
  • More than 35 000 registered mystery shoppers in our data base;
  • Possibility of recording audio and video;
  • Projects are always done in time;
  • Successful work experience;
  • Respectful attitude.

Our mission is to make customer service progress affordable for any enterprise.

Excellent service - way to future!