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Mystery shopping


We offer Mystery shopping in all spheres: retail chains, petrol station, restaurants, hotels, SPA and fitness clubs, financial enterprises e.t.c. According to your needs besides except customer service evaluation, report, comments of our mystery shoppers, you are able to get audio and video record of check.

Classic Mystery shopping – check take place directly in shop, branch, where shop assistant sell or provide a service.

Remote Mystery shopping – check take place by phone or e-post.

Individual rating – this service provides rating of your employees, which is based on each employee’s customer service evaluation and productivity.

Competitor research – addon for Mystery shopping. Evaluation and analysis of your competitors’ customer service. This service identifies your strengths and weaknesses and adopts competitor’s experience.

Audit of merchandising standards. Auditor make marketing materials verification, placement of goods, cleanness, lighting … In report will be enclosed photos – breaches of standards. This product increases discipline in merchandising and saves time and money on controlling your retail chain.

Treating your clients
We will take care of your clients’ portfolio! Now you don’t need your own call center to make promotion events or marketing researches by phone. Our professional telephone consultants will make it for you and also bring positive emotions to your clients and ensure that client will come back. We guarantee confidentiality of your database.

Price wars
Do you want to know and follow competitors’ prices and product range? Do you want to be ahead of your competitors? Be sure you will get this information on time and you could react immediately.

Face to face interview
Interview when a researcher contacts a respondent face-to-face.

Exit poll
Interview takes place immediately after one of your customer just visited your shop. You will get very precise information at first hand about your customer experience, thoughts and suggestions.